Automator workflows for creating folders in Finder’s list view

Save these workflows as Services to allow a right-click within a Finder list view window/tab to create folder at any point in the hierarchy.

There are 2 workflows: New Folder Within is shown when the selection is a folder for creating a new folder within it, New Folder Here is shown for any kind of selection and creates a new folder as its peer.

Both are restricted to be shown when front-most Finder window/tab is in list view and when there’s only a single item is selected. The first of those restrictions is because the workflows aren’t terribly useful when in any other view, the normal New Folder is just as good. The second restriction is because if the selection include items at different levels of the visible hierarchy then it’s not clear where to create the folder; its easier just to avoid this possibility and only show the option when its a single selection.

I hope this is useful for someone. If anyone makes any improvements, please write about them in the comments below and share with the rest of the class.

To install, either open them in Automator and save as Services, or manually copy them into ~/Library/Services.

Download from here.


Throwback Xcode Theme

Having a need for an Xcode theme using a narrow font, I made this one. It’s gotten admiration and funny looks by friends & colleagues, so thought I’d make it public.

xcode throwback theme

I had used the 80-column Apple 2 font as a lark every now and again, and always found it to be pretty much the narrowest font on my system. Soon after using a MacBook Air as my main development Mac, I started using it sometime as a text editor font. That turned into using it Xcode, but never found it to fit well with the color schemes, as whenever I saw that font back in the day it was on my Apple //e with one of those green-screen monitors. So eventually I took an existing green-on-black scheme (converted from some TextMate theme I think, I haven’t been able to find the actual source yet) and further customized its colours to get this theme. It largely the same shade of green with a few subtle variations, largely for comments and string literals.

It uses the PR Number 3 font by Kreative Korporation hosted at (Kreative Korporation is an outlet of Rebecca G. Bettencourt, kudos to her for producing and freely distributing those fonts).

Being a pixel-font, its noticeably not as crisp on retina screens as other fonts, and I’ve chosen a font size that’s quite small for maximum code density, so this theme is definitely an acquired taste. I hope you like it, or at least get a kick out of it. If anyone has any improvements, please add a comment below.

Download the dvtcolortheme file from here, and the font from here.

I wrote an AppleScript!

After messing up a migration of my iTunes library, I was left with many tracks in my library duplicated on disk
…/iTunes Music/Radiohead/OK Computer/01 Airbag.mp3
…/iTunes Music/Radiohead/OK Computer/01 Airbag 1.mp3
…/iTunes Music/Radiohead/OK Computer/02 Paranoid Android.mp3
…/iTunes Music/Radiohead/OK Computer/02 Paranoid Android 1.mp3
with iTunes using the later duplicate, the one with the ” 1″ prefix.

I made a script to iterate through all the iTunes library, find these tracks that point at these duplicate files, remap them back to the original files, then deletes the duplicate.

Posted script to

This was done with iTunes 9, I have no idea if the script would work on iTunes 10.