Throwback Xcode Theme

Having a need for an Xcode theme using a narrow font, I made this one. It’s gotten admiration and funny looks by friends & colleagues, so thought I’d make it public.

xcode throwback theme

I had used the 80-column Apple 2 font as a lark every now and again, and always found it to be pretty much the narrowest font on my system. Soon after using a MacBook Air as my main development Mac, I started using it sometime as a text editor font. That turned into using it Xcode, but never found it to fit well with the color schemes, as whenever I saw that font back in the day it was on my Apple //e with one of those green-screen monitors. So eventually I took an existing green-on-black scheme (converted from some TextMate theme I think, I haven’t been able to find the actual source yet) and further customized its colours to get this theme. It largely the same shade of green with a few subtle variations, largely for comments and string literals.

It uses the PR Number 3 font by Kreative Korporation hosted at (Kreative Korporation is an outlet of Rebecca G. Bettencourt, kudos to her for producing and freely distributing those fonts).

Being a pixel-font, its noticeably not as crisp on retina screens as other fonts, and I’ve chosen a font size that’s quite small for maximum code density, so this theme is definitely an acquired taste. I hope you like it, or at least get a kick out of it. If anyone has any improvements, please add a comment below.

Download the dvtcolortheme file from here, and the font from here.


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