My thoughts about the GPL

A thought on GPL that didn’t fit in a tweet. GPL developers are idealists and have noble intent and I’m saddened to see people I respect tarnish their efforts when they bad-mouth the GPL.

For commercial software developers, code that people want to contribute to the GPL is unusable to them, but then again so is the source code to MS Word and Photoshop, where’s the vitriol against that set of source code. To use one set of source you sign your over to the FSF’s concept to community, to use the other you accept a job at MS or Adobe and sign your work over to them.

From the outside of both groups, their an unusable set of source I don’t see a big difference between the two. Oh, except that I can inspect and study GPL code and, use the resulting products freely, contribute missing functionality if I so desire, all benefits. To complain that you can look but not touch seems petty to me. Maybe I’m missing the point.


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