Found my TTPhotoView bug

TTPhotoView bug ExampleThis is a tip for anyone hacking TTPhotoViewController, and specifically TTPhotoView. If you’re finding swiping only rotating between three photos, and if there’s a mix of landscape and portrait then it gets a redraw bug that looks like this:

then you’ve probably disabled updateLayer (perhaps because it wasn’t working for photos with orientations other than Up) but didn’t replace it with [self setNeedsDisplay]. You’re welcome.
Also, for anyone else trying to untie TTPhotoView from TTURLCache and instead work with images you can’t load asynchronously: don’t. Instead make it work with fake URLs, force-feeding the cache as you go. Hey ALAssetLibrary, thanks for being async in all the wrong places.


One Comment on “Found my TTPhotoView bug”

  1. Mike says:


    Thanks for this. How are you finding performance hooking up TTPhotoView to ALAssetLibrary? I’m tearing my hear out trying to find the bottle neck.


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